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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a georeferenced aerial photograph is worth at least a thousand data observations. 

Player Piano Data Analytics offers an image recognition service that can find all the individual elements in an aerial image. It makes use of complex artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and track individual elements. For example, take our   

Tree Ledger™ product: it translates high resolution aerial photography into georeferenced observations of individual trees. The information derived can be used to generate a map of all trees in an aerial photo and provide the ability to monitor each tree’s presence and canopy cover over time.

Similarly, other products in our offering include buildings and swimming pools.

The assessment of accuracy of individual elements for the case study area is made by comparing delineations made by human analysts to those made by our work flow.  Accuracy metrics will be provided in the form of correctness, completeness, hit rate, miss rate and total accuracy.

Further reports and integration into local intranet systems are available on request.  


1. Data processing: AUD$25.00 per sq. km

2. Engineering administration fee for initial set-up: AUD$5,000.00 (one off cost)

3. Accuracy Assessment and basic analytics: AUD$3,000.00

4. Future follow-up work only requires (1) and (3)

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